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Interior Designer


Flavia, brings her unique concepts to life, and captures the wonder on display from this magical destination. 


Flavia gueiros Interior Designer at Swanky Vacay Rentals


An Interior designer since 2007. Flavia graduated in Brazil, lives in Orlando and manages a portfolio of work from Miami to New York, USA. A true and contemporary person, passionate about arts, decoration, bold design and innovation.

In 2016, valuing their own projects with the “Décor Year Book Miami”. The projects are recognized for their contemporaneity, agility and professionalism in the execution of their team's project.

Flavia has designed Swanky Vacay owner's property from top to bottom, and we are delighted to share her designs. A true artist who captures the magic of your destination. Most of the photos on this website are from Flavia's work and are credited with her copywrite.

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